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    Its primary objective is to provide guidance and support to organizations in Toronto, Ontario, regarding various human resources management matters.

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Our goal is to offer reliable HR consultancy services to businesses in Toronto, Ontario, and nearby areas. Our experienced consultants will help improve performance and maximise potential. Our services cover various areas of consulting

Human Resource Consulting

We provide diverse services such as organisational design, change management, learning and development, process improvement, project management, actuarial services, personnel policies, and compensation planning. Additionally, we assist with employment requirements, job descriptions, recommendations, and employee onboarding.

HRIS Development

HRIS is a data-driven software that stores employee information, including payroll, benefits, training, performance management, policies, and processes. Our services focus on helping clients implement HRIS, adapt to post-pandemic technology reliance, and navigate complex legislation. This involves reviewing and redesigning staff management systems, employment standards, contracts, rights, obligations, and personnel policies to drive HR management innovation.

Health and Safety Standards

We help organisations comply with laws to ensure employee safety and prevent penalties. This includes conducting practice audits to assess conformity in work areas, equipment, conduct, policies, and procedures. We also assist in preparing organisations for unannounced government inspections.

Organisational Development

We maximise the contribution of human resources to client growth by optimising organisational structure, assessing roles, designing evaluations, and developing HR training. We align HR strategies with business objectives and offer customised training programs aligned with client goals.

Organisational Development

Full-Service Recruitment

We act as a recruitment arm for firms outsourcing processes including lead generation, resume screening, hiring and placement, testing, job description writing, sourcing, executive searches, onboarding, and more.

Other Services

We provide adaptable options for project-based collaborations and smaller businesses, delivering customized services in areas such as compensation structures, training, policy development, and other human resources programs. We also cater to specific client requirements for personalized and specialized services.

A little bit about

Mr. Ali Hosseinia

Mr. Ali Hosseinia, the Chairperson of the Board of Fidarsazan Tose’e Parsian Co., brings over a decade of experience in engaging with diverse clients and delivering successful project contracts. Under his leadership, Fidarsazan Tose’e Parsian Co. has gained recognition in Iran for providing skilled workforce solutions. Mr. Hosseinia’s remarkable contributions were acknowledged with a certificate of appreciation from Ifachi, a prestigious organisation in Iran.

Managing a workforce of approximately 1500 employees, Mr. Hosseinia has formed partnerships with esteemed organisations such as Glass & Gas Company, Firouzkooh Cement Manufacturing Company, Karaj Municipality, Mina Glass Production Company, Central Bank of Iran (CBI), Tehran Cement Production Company, Iran Infrastructure Company, and Mehrkam Pars Company.

In Canada, Mr. Hosseinia’s presence will enrich the local culture by introducing innovative ideas and customs. The establishment of the Subsidiary in Ontario will create a thriving environment for business and culture. Through its human resources management services, Fidarsazan Canada Corp. aims to promote inclusivity and recognition of individuals from diverse backgrounds. By providing guidance and support to organisations, Fidarsazan Canada Corp. will facilitate the development of cultural competency, fostering cultural sensitivity and appreciation.


  • Human Resource Consulting
  • HRIS Development (Human Resource Information System)
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Organisational Development
  • Full-Service Recruitment
  • Other Services

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